graduate training experience


2008 - 2011 Pediatric Psychology Post-Doctoral Residency, APPIC Member

Children’s Hospital of Saint Louis, Washington University School of Medicine, Saint Louis, Missouri


Clinics: Craniofacial, Neonatology Follow Up Clinic, Endocrine, Sickle Cell, Inpatient Consultation, and Child Clinical Outpatient Services

Population:  Children and adolescents with acute (spinal cord injury, injury) and chronic (sickle cell, cystic fibrosis, diabetes) medical conditions, developmental disabilities (autism spectrum, developmental delay), psychosomatic and functional disabilities (headache, cyclical vomiting), and general clinical psychology conditions.


2006-2007 Pediatric Psychology Intern, APA Approved

Kennedy Krieger Institute, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland


Clinics:  Pediatric Psychology Consultation Clinic and Behavior Management Clinic


Population: Children and adolescents with complex medical conditions (AIDS/ HIV, cancer, diabetes, hemispherectomy, leukemia, pain disability, seizures, sickle cell, spinal cord injury, sleep disorders, tbi), developmental disabilities (autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, spina bifida), and psychological conditions (ADHD, anxiety, depression, trauma).  


2004-2006 Behavioral Consultant

Parent Engagement and Child Learning Birth to Five National Institute of Health/

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Grant


2003-2004 Pediatric Psychology Practicum

Munroe- Meyer Institute - University of Nebraska Medical Center


 2002-2003 Child and Adolescent Therapy Practicum

Psychology Clinic and Satellite Clinics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


2001-2002 School Psychology Practicum

Elliott Elementary, Lincoln Nebraska


2000-2001 Behavioral Consultation Practicum

US Department of Education Training Grant, University of Nebraska- Lincoln          




clinical & teaching positions


2008 - 2011 Licensed Psychologist, Health Service Provider

Grace Hill Neighborhood Health Centers, Child Development Center, Saint Louis, Missouri


Clinic Description:  Primary care behavioral health clinic, multidisciplinary providers include pediatric neurologist, developmental pediatrician, psychologists, and licensed clinical social workers. 

Population:  Caregivers and their children (ages birth to eighteen years-old) with developmental disabilities (autism, developmental delays, learning disabilities), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, disruptive behavior disorders, adjustment and affective disorders, and trauma.


2010-2011 Co-Investigator and Supervising Psychologist

Early Childhood Lutheran Foundation Grant, “Screening/Intervention Services for Preschool Children with Behavioral Problems”

            Grace Hill Neighborhood Health Centers, Child Development Center, Saint Louis, Missouri


2009-2011 Residency Training, Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics Rotation

           St. Louis Children's Hospital, Washington University School of Medicine, Saint Louis, Missouri


2009-2011 National Health Services Corps, Behavioral HealthRecipient and Ambassador


Dr. Siemers is a Colorado Licensed Psychologist. She recieved a PhD from the School of Psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, an APA approved program in 2007.


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